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About Us

From business process to global business expansion, we have served our clients through more than a decade of growth. 

Ezra & Macquarie is a Singapore Based Leading Business Consultancy and Technical Advisory Firm focusing on Strategic Planning, Technical Solutions and Capability up-skilling. We partner with clients in business and technology to tackle their challenges and capture opportunities.

We understand the challenges of organisational leaders in the global markets and what they will continue to face in the future. Since 2008, we have helped entities of various sizes, from start-ups to multinationals in Strategic Planning, Business Consultancy and Technical Advisory to turn opportunities into realities.

In 2010, we expanded into Technology Representation, Inspection & Surveys and Capability and Capacity Building to reflect our multi-model regional consulting approach. We have leveraged the Firm's extensive resources, expertise and knowledge to deliver higher service and support for our clients. 



Our aim has always been to go beyond giving advice and to provide effective solutions for entities to rebuild with the purpose of growing. It's this approach that makes some of the region's best-known brands come back to partner with us again and again.


With a dynamic economic landscape posing uncertainties for many of us, we endeavour to provide a springboard for international companies in the Asia Pacific, a region of more than 3 billion people. To date, we have worked on more than 200 projects regionally and internationally, both comprehensive and cost-competitive, supported by a competent team of professionals with over 100 years of experience collectively.

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Our Mission

We are committed to going beyond as a consulting firm, helping entities that are purposed to grow, providing effective solutions and leading our clients to navigate the ever-changing world to new successes.

Our Vision

To be the firm of choice for companies in the region who are seeking to build and purposed to grow.

Our Core Values

At Ezra & Macquarie, we believe building trust builds better businesses. To do so, our values in the following, guides our decisions and actions. 


We believe in building engaged relationships with our clients, partners, employees and community by thinking in terms of what is best for the client and offering solutions that are not only theoretical but workable. 


We recognise that people drive success. Working together with both as a company and with our clients, to share knowledge, foster innovation, solve problems and deliver quality results.

Professional Excellence

We strive to offer high services based on our rich resources, profound knowledge and extensive experience with professionalism, integrity and courtesy in our actions.


We honour our commitments to our clients, to each other, and to the company. We take ownership of our work and hold ourselves accountable for results.

Awards & Recognition

We are honoured that our work and company are being recognised by local chapters and international associations. We thank our partners and clients who have made this possible.

It is also through the continuous efforts of our team to exceed expectations that Ezra & Macquarie can provide award-winning services to our clients. 

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Meet Our Team

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