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Strategic Business Consulting and Technical Advisory Services

Ezra & Macquarie is a Singapore Based Leading Business Consultancy and Technical Advisory Firm focusing on Strategic Planning, Technical Solutions and Capability up-skilling.

Insurance Consultation

From strategy to execution

Ezra & Macquarie provides integrated consulting and advisory services tailored to help organisations overcome challenges and capitalize on opportunities. Headquartered in Singapore with a global clientele, Ezra & Macquarie has consulted for entities of various sizes, from start-ups to multinationals. 

We were formed in 2008 and have been in strategic planning and business consultancy since. In 2010, we expanded into Technology Representation, Inspection & Surveys and Training & Development to reflect our multi-model regional consulting approach.

Our Strategic Consulting offers data-driven solutions for enhanced performance and growth.

Our Technical Advisory conducts rigorous inspections to reduce risk and ensure safety, compliance, and quality.

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T. 'Kola Oyerinde
Managing Director, Multimedia Training Institute, Nigeria

It is with great pleasure that we write this Testimonial Letter for Ezra & Macquarie Group (E&M) for the quality of Industrial Training and Customer Service they have offered our company over the past 12 years.

Industrial Training: This has covered both ICT and Railway Technology. The training has actually exposed and improved the management ability of the over 500+ Nigerian Public Servants that attended the various training that was offered to both us and the Federal Capital Territory of Nigeria

Customer Services; E&M has been an absolute joy to work with, E&M has always listened and worked towards all our needs and has made qualitative suggestions on the kind of training the Nigerian Public Servants needs.

Services; E&M Facilitators and Office Staff have always been knowledgeable, friendly and very responsive to needs. E&M will contact our company and the Trainees to confirm that the training has been helpful. This they do on continuous bases for 3 months after each training program, monitoring each of the Trainees here in Nigeria.

It is our great opinion that anyone looking for Industrial Training should contact Ezra & Macquarie

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Dr. Fredi Setyawan
Founder, Natasha Group, Indonesia

Ezra & Macquarie Group (E&M) has been our consultant for the past three years and during the time we worked together we were really satisfied, it was definitely a great pleasure.

We found that Ezra & Macquarie has a deep analysis of how we internalised our brand. Also, they provide us with precise strategic planning which is very useful in developing our company. Ezra & Macquarie's professional and refined approach make our products much more valuable to clients and they also have a great way of keeping everyone updated on any change to compete for our business adversary. 

Most importantly to us, Ezra & Macquarie provide strategic partnerships so that we are always aware of the practical application for our company to work together with our partner to increase future revenue generation. They are the main reason why our company has been profitable so many years in a row. Ezra & Macquarie should be your next business consultant

Latif Khan SPI Director 2021113.jpeg

Latif Khan
Vice-Chairman, Summit Group, Bangladesh

I, Latif Khan the undersign known Mr Ricky Gouthaman for over 10 years in a personal and professional capacity.


I have always found him to be very intelligent and very hard working with a total focus on the issues at hand. 


I have always found him to be extremely honest and helpful with leadership qualities. 


I wish him success in all of his endeavours. 

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