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Overcome the Ordinary through Technology & Innovation

We support our clients technically where innovative solutions can be applied to resolve real-time issues on the ground in Safety, Fire Protection, and Safety Protection.

The technology represented is applicable in various industries, including Oil & Gas, Marine & Offshore and Building & Construction. Speak to us to find out it's unique application and track records.

Passive Fire Protection System​

Passive Fire Protection is built into the structure to provide stability and into walls and floors to separate the building into areas of manageable risks – compartments with the following;

  1. Structural protection solutions – such as intumescent paints

  2. Firewall solutions for subdivision – such as foams, sealants and other fire stopping solutions.

High-Pressure Water Mist System

A proprietary system by the market leader in the industry based in Vienna for its high-pressure water mist applications internationally. 

Protective, Thermal and Sound Control System

Thermal Insulation Coating
Spray-applied insulating & highly reflective coating for all purposes and surfaces. Improving equipment aesthetics while protecting substrates, safeguarding contents, and preventing corrosion to reduce overall energy consumption and for personal protection.

Sound Control Protective Coating

Spray-applied coating is specifically designed to provide practical, long-lasting vibration and noise reduction caused by metal structural translation for all surfaces where noise-induced deafness is of concern.

What Our Clients Say

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"It is with great pleasure to submit an unconditional recommendation for the Company's outstanding service and support since 2013... We are confident in the Company's technical and engineering capabilities... We look forward to working on more future projects as our needs evolve."

Alan Law, Senior Plant Manager

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