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18 Nov 2022

Ezra Healthcare

#Healthcare #MedicalTransport

Our first step into Healthcare.

Ezra & Macquarie Group has made a full acquisition of Ezra Heathcare, a leading Medical Transport Service.

Formerly known as Bendemeer Medical Transport Services, now integrated into the Ezra & Macquarie Group as Ezra Healthcare. We are amongst 40 ambulance operators licensed under the Healthcare Services Act to provide Medical Transport Services in Singapore. We are accredited by the Ministry of Health (MOH) as a private ambulance provider and we remain compliant to changing requirements through constant checks by our Compliance Officer Mr Luqman, whom is a former member of the MOH ambulatory compliance team.

“I witnessed my own father having difficulties getting into my vehicle, and it dawned on me how low-income families may not be able to constantly afford medical transport for their loved ones.”
Ricky Gouthaman, Managing Director of Ezra & Macquarie Group

Adopting the Corporate Social Responsibility concept for our new healthcare arm, this move was inspired as a commitment to give back to society. "Heath care is for all", remains our mission.

As we strive to improve our ambulance service, we are actively looking to add more manpower and vehicles into our fleet. Apart from medical transport, we will be working towards an integrated healthcare platform offering a wide range of services from online consultation, mobile therapy services to private nurses.

We hope by doing this, we can influence and remind others the importance of giving back and to take care of our society.

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