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Expansion across borders to take advantage of new business opportunities

Why Internationalisation Matter?

The most obvious reason to internationalise your business is to tap into new markets, which in turn will open your business up to new investment opportunities and gives you the potential to reach a larger customer base and achieve faster, more sustainable growth. In a globalised world today, bringing your company and brand overseas is an imperative move to achieve competitive advantage and market positioning that is indispensable.

How Does Ezra & Macquarie Help You Expand Across Borders?

The main purpose is to export products or services to other markets and set up a commercial or productive presence overseas. Establishing the right strategy is a vital element to being successful in the global markets and failing to plan adequately could leave you blindsided. No matter how good your product is, if you have insufficient cultural or regulatory knowledge, you stand the risk of wasting an opportunity as well as damaging your brand reputation.


We understand the challenges in the global market and we want to help multiply your results outside of your country, turning opportunities into reality. A proper long term strategic plan forms the road map towards internationalisation as it relays the capabilities, areas of potential and interest in the target sector.

The thought of expanding your business into new territories can feel like you are heading blind into the vast unknown. As each company seeks different results, we adapt our strategies accordingly, both normative and culturally to meet the needs of the targeted markets and according to each unique circumstance, challenges and goal. There is no exact formula but fear not, we will be there to guide you, every step of the way. 

Going Beyond Consulting

Our team of consultants and associates are well equipped with experience, knowledge and resources to support your growth and to take your company and business beyond its potential. We want to go beyond as your trusted global partner to build around an inclusive partnership to lead you to growth and success

Our Internationalisation Project Examples

Ezra & Macquarie works with global companies across all industries as well as with local organisations, helping companies obtained results. Examples of our work include the following; 

We helped the Natasha Skin (Part of Natasha Group, Indonesia) and Beverly Wilshire (Part of CATALIST-LISTED JCG Investment) formed a joint venture (JV). The JV includes a medical aesthetic clinic, medi-spa, chiropractor and physiotherapy services housed within a four-storey centre in the heart of upmarket Bangsar suburb in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.

We are the present Merger & Acquisition Manager since 2019.

Natasha Skincare was founded in 1999 in Indonesia and offers halal-certified products for women, men and teenagers. It is currently among the leading beauty brands in Indonesia and has more than 100 skin clinic centres and outlets. 

Dr Fredi .jpeg

Dr. Fredi Setyawan
Founder, Natasha Group, Indonesia

Ezra & Macquarie Group (E&M) has been our consultant for the past three years and during the time we worked together we were really satisfied, it was definitely a great pleasure.

We found that Ezra & Macquarie has a deep analysis of how we internalised our brand. Also, they provide us with precise strategic planning which is very useful in developing our company. Ezra & Macquarie's professional and refined approach make our products much more valuable to clients and they also have a great way of keeping everyone updated on any change to compete for our business adversary. 

Most importantly to us, Ezra & Macquarie provide strategic partnerships so that we are always aware of the practical application for our company to work together with our partner to increase future revenue generation. They are the main reason why our company has been profitable so many years in a row. Ezra & Macquarie should be your next business consultant.

Dato Francis Ng.jpeg

Dato Francis Ng 
Executive Chairman, Beverly JCG Ltd, Singapore

I have known Mr Ricky Gouthaman for a few years and found him very pleasant and amiable. Mr Ricky is knowledgable in many aspects of business in our Beauty & Wellness industry and he is instrumental in the setting up of Natasha Beverly Group of Companies, a joint venture between Beverly Wilshire, Beverly JCG Ltd and Natasha Skincare Group of Companies. He sits on the board of Natasha Beverly companies and contributes positively to the companies. 

Mr Ricky is a key person for Beverly Wilshire (BW) to build inroads in the regional market especially to Indonesia and Vietnam.

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