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Preventing Serious Injuries

Safety surfaces play a crucial role in mitigating the risks associated with playground equipment. Where children play, falls are a given. Head Injury Criteria measures the time duration of head deceleration during impact.

Head Injury Criterion (HIC) Inspection

Safety surfaces play an essential role in mitigating the risks related to playground equipment. Where children play, falls are a given. The shock-absorbing properties of the surface directly underneath and surrounding the equipment determine whether a fall can result in serious (head) injuries.

Many playgrounds are therefore outfitted with artificial surface material which contains a certified shock absorption rating. Because the surface properties can deteriorate over time, it is, therefore, necessary to incorporate this aspect in inspections.

Ezra & Macquarie is accredited by IPSI - International Playground Safety Institute in accordance with ASTM F1487 Standard Consumer Safety Performance Specification for Playground Equipment for Public Use, ASTM F1292 or F3313, ASTM F2223, and the 2010 CPSC Handbook for Public Playground Safety.

All inspectors of our Playground and Recreational Division are accredited by RPI International, UK. The purpose of this accreditation is to ensure the quality of inspections and increase the safety of playground equipment in the public space

Our Current & Past Clients

We are proud to have support the following Town Councils to design, supply, install and maintain high-quality recreation equipment and amenities for all age groups and abilities, ranging from dry and wet playgrounds to fitness corners and EPDM rubber floorings

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